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    Syeda Huda Shah

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    One more year, of the mortal world, passed down.

    One more year, of our strong imagination of immortality of worldly glamour, came to an end.

    One more year, we spent, fighting for worldly gain and loss.

    One more year, we succeeded to prove the whole world wrong with our judgemental mind and fault findings.

    One more year, we grumbled like pigs and moaned like calves for worldly deprivation.

    One more year, we failed to identify the kernel of our lives.

    One more year, we spent in reluctant forgiveness and lingering recriminations.

    One more year, we succeeded to hurt others by our volatile temperament.

    One more year, we remained busy in imposing our notion and stance ignoring others’.

    One more year, we failed to follow the canons set by God.

    One more year may bring a new chance, to make up for the mistakes, we made in past.

    One more year is right there to be a different being.

    One more year will likewise elapse, taking us towards our real existence.

    Huda Shah

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