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Three policemen martyred, two terrorists killed in attack on Kargah Nullah check post in Gilgit

A week after 12 schools were torched in Chilas, Thor and Hador regions of Diamer district, terrorists have carried out an attack on a police check post in Gilgit district. Three policemen have been martyred in the attack while two have been injured.




Three policemen martyred, two terrorists killed in attack on Kargah Nullah check post in Gilgit

(Gilgit 24/7) At least three policemen have been martyred in a terrorist attack on a police check post in Kargah Nullah in the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan. The incident took place early morning in Joot village located some 40 km from Gilgit airport. Two terrorists were also killed in retaliatory firing.

According to an initial report, about 8-10 terrorists opened fire on the police check post at around 3:00 AM on Saturday. As a result of exchanged firing between policemen and the terrorists, 3 policemen lost their lives while two terrorists were killed. 2 injured policemen were brought to District Headquarter Hospital Gilgit by locals.

There are no reports of captured or injured terrorists so far. Rescue teams and additional police teams were dispatched shortly after the incident.

Following police personnel has been identified.

Martyred: 1. Fazal Khan s/o Masoom Khan. 2. Wakil s/o Faqir. 3. Nawab Ur Rehman s/o Aziz U Rahman.

Injured: 1. Zeeshan s/o Rafiq 2. Zia ur Rehman

Martyrs of Gilgit Kargah Attack: Fazal Khan s/o Masoom Khan, Wakil s/o Faqir and Nawab Ur Rehman s/o Aziz U Rahman

Martyrs of Gilgit Kargah Attack: Fazal Khan s/o Masoom Khan, Wakil s/o Faqir and Nawab Ur Rehman s/o Aziz U Rahman

Faizullah Faraq, the spokesperson of Gilgit-Baltistan Government, told the media that no compromise will be made on the on-going targetted operation against terrorists in the Darel Tangir region of Diamer district. The operation was started days after terrorists torched a dozen girls schools in Chilas. He paid tribute to the brave policemen who stood firm and killed two terrorists.

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Introducing #GBCProspers – Stories from Gilgit, Baltistan and Chitral

Imran Ahmed Hunzai



Introducing #GBCProspers - Stories from Gilgit, Baltistan and Chitral

Every day when we wake up, we struggle hard to make a name for ourselves, our families and our country. We see a handful of names in the limelight while hundreds and thousands of names remain in an obscurity no matter how big or small that person’s contribution to the society is.

At GBee, we believe that a society cannot prosper without the small yet meaningful contributions of its members.

This is why, we are announcing the launch of an on-going campaign which we are now officially calling #GBCProspers. This campaign aims to celebrate the contributions, small and big, by the common citizens that collectively reflect in the social, cultural, religious, musical and economic prosperity of the mountain communities.

How to access the stories?

The stories published under #GBCProspers campaign can be found on a dedicated topic section. Each story will also be published in its relevant district page on Facebook and GBee’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Alternatively, you can search for the hashtag #GBCProspers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the latest as well as the stories published in the past.

How to submit a story?

Stories can be submitted at our email editor[at] with #GBCProspers in the subject, on our WhatsApp number +923555075849 or directly at your relevant district page on Facebook.

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Pakistani Filmmaker Fahad Kahut uses Gilgiti Cap to depict terrorists of APS Peshawar Attack

Imran Ahmed Hunzai



Fahad Kahut Gilgit-Cap APS Peshawar Attack Terrorists

Pakistani filmmaker Fahad Kahut has used a Chilasi version of Gilgiti Cap to depict terrorists of Army Public School  (APS) Peshawar Attack in his new short film released on Youtube.

There has been a backlash on social media by activists from Gilgit-Baltistan against the filmmaker for using the Gilgit traditional cap to depict the terrorists involved in the 2014 Peshawar school massacre.

Fahad Kahut APS Peshwar Attack Short-film
A screen grab from Fahad Kahut’s short film on APS Peshwar Attack. A terrorist holding a gun has is shown wearing a Gilgiti Cap.

The director, producer and writer, who describes himself to be “focused on creating narrative films ” has primarily worked on Kashmir issue and published various pro-army publications including an article titled “General Raheel Sharif – A Man living up to the vision of Allama Iqbal”.

“I was also surprised to see this cap. One must take into consideration while using a cultural symbol of any people. The filmmakers have no right to use our caps as something a symbol of terrorism. Shame” said a Twitter user Noor Akbar.

Also read: Three policemen martyred, two terrorists killed in attack on Kargah Nullah check post in Gilgit

“What is your motive behind showing this cultural cap as a symbol of terror – there can be lot of other ways to depict a terrorist why you choose this cap which can not be easily found in any market in down countries except in Gilgit?Shame on everyone who contributed in this video and those who did not censor it. People like you are born to divide the country by showing intolerance and disrespect towards other cultures. Shame on you for using the cultural cap of Gilgit-Baltistan!” adds a Youtube user while commenting under the short film.

However, there are some who think this could have been a mistake. 

Facebook user Shahid Khan comments that maybe the filmmaker wanted to use the famous Pakol or Peshawari hat which has been associated with the Taliban for so many decades.

At the same time, as correctly pointed out by a Youtube user, the Gilgiti Cap, specifically the Chilasi (Diamer) version is very hard to find in the market.

Only the people behind the short film can tell what exactly went behind using the specific cap to depict the terrorists.

Kahut’s short-film Faryad had won IndieFEST Film Awards for short movie on Kashmir in 2016.


Fahad Kahut has spoken and says it was “merely out of sheer ignorance”.

“have apologized in past and I apologize again, this was merely out sheer ignorance and my lack of understanding of cultural norms back then. I am a huge admirer of GB people and can never imagine to disrespect them. I hope my apologies are accepted.” he commented on Twitter.

Note: The wood color Gilgit cap is not only used in Diamer but also in the districts of Astore, Gilgit, Ghizer and even Kohistan. A black color version of the traditional cap is widely used in Diamer.

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