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Deosi Festival to be Held in July This Year

The government of Gilgit-Baltistan has announced Deosai Festival for the year 2016. The event will offer polo matches, zakh competition, paragliding, gems and jewelry showcase, traditional tunes and dances, arts and crafts; and traditional food street according to a flyer posted on Facebook.




The government of Gilgit-Baltistan has announced Deosai Festival for the year 2016 at Deosai National Park. The event will offer polo matches, zakh competition, paragliding, gems and jewelry showcase, traditional tunes and dances, arts and crafts; and traditional food street according to a flyer posted on Facebook.

According to an official working at tourism department of Gilgit-Baltistan department, preparations have already started to make the even successful. The Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan Mr. Tahir Hussain has also constituted ten sub-committees for to speed up the preparations.

Deosai Festival 2016

A flyer for Deosai Festival 2016 circulated by tourism department of Gilgit-Baltistan.

It must be noted that Deosai Festival was scheduled for late August last year but the government had cancelled the event. There was pressure from WWF Pakistan and many environment concerned organization to cancel the event.


In a letter to G-B government, WWF Pakistan Director General Hammad Naqi Khan had written:

“WWF understands that the herbs and fish of the Deosai Plateau make up a significant part of the brown bear’s food. Unfortunately, excessive grazing by nomadic herds (bakarwals) over the years has already degraded the fragile high alpine pastures of the Deosai Plateau. This mega festival threatens to further degrade this unique biodiversity of the Park,”


Deosai Festival 2015

A flyer for Deosai Festival 2015 circulated by tourism department of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Nazir Sabir, world renowned mountaineer and former president of the Alpine Club of Pakistan had also showed his dissatisfaction about Deosai Festival. He had commented:

“It is our biggest and the highest altitude plateau in the world and we need to secure it instead of exploiting it with bureaucratic functions and pleasing higher-ups. Shandur has also been damaged because of its yearly polo functions,”

Deosai is world’s second highest mountain plateau in the world. It was declared a national park in 1975. Despite environmental threats, government of Gilgit-Baltistan has decided to arrange the festival. The government hopes that the festival will improve tourism in the region.

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Modi’s domineering bully scattered

Justice Retired Muzaffar Ali



India, a regional power with a population of 1.3 billion, has always been an ambitious colossal poverty-stricken territory trying to dominate over smaller sovereign countries that share a boundary with the country. It has always wanted to be the godfather of the region and even violated settled formula agreed upon for partition of the subcontinent and occupied Jammu and Kashmir, against the will of majority Muslim population.

Muslims in the Indian Occupied Kashmir launched a Jihad since the day one of Indian aggression. Jawaharlal Nehru turned the early failures on India in Kashmir into a diplomatic play card and invoked UN interference with the following policy statement before the UN Security Council on 15 January 1948.

“Only to see peace restored in Kashmir and to ensure that the people of Kashmir are left free to decide in an orderly and peaceful manner the future of their State. We have no further interest, and we have agreed that a plebiscite in Kashmir might take place under international auspices after peace and order have been established.”

India, in fact, played a dirty trick even before UNO just to ease jihad in Kashmir and to gain time to strengthen her occupation over Kashmir and succeeded, because of the dubious character of permanent members of security council despite, India slapped them by denial of resolutions passed by the UN Security Council. The resolutions are consigned to rubbish heap in UNO.

India deceived UNO but failed to remove zeal of kashmiris till today to liberate their motherland. Kashmiris turned their struggle into protest to jolt international conscience, at least to play their role to force India to act upon UN resolutions.

Unfortunately, India facing no such force from outside world, as such
strengthening her forces in Kashmir, extending black laws. Indian army has been given free hand to curb peaceful protest of people. Atrocities of the Indian army are the order of the day in Kashmir instead of complying her pledge of the Kashmir plebiscite.

Pulwama: an unfortunate suicidal attack on Indian army happened in preceding month. One local desperate young man, who was subjugated to torture by Indian army in past, detonated himself to army vehicles, caused casualties. Modi did not waste even a moment to gather proofs but intoxicatingly blamed Pakistan and warned dire consequences, gave free hand to his army to retaliate.

In response, Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, showed a statesman spirit, offered India peace to prevail and asked to provide proofs of Modi’s blame to take action against any terrorist conspired by any nonstate actor in Pakistan. Khan cleared his policy against terrorism but at the same time, he voiced loudly to retaliate any armed adventure against Pakistan. On the next day, DG ISPR made a press conference.

He also reacted but in a sober manner as a supporter of peace, rebutted any involvement of Pakistan. Categorically, offered dialogue with India and also warned a surprising response if India launched any sort of military attack across.

Modi listened, peace offer and also any armed adventure from Pakistan side, with half an ear. Missed a chance of complete peace as he went into a frenzy of rage. He, in fact, wanted to turn the situation in his favor for coming elections by creating a war like situation with Pakistan. Indian army was also eager to show its unchallengeable force, therefore, Indian army also chose war instead of peace and army dashed an air attack crossing the international border.

Their aircrafts dropped payloads in a thick forest and ran in dark of night. The response by Pakistan was a nightmare for India. The brave air force of Pakistan not only achieved their targets inside India but also, bombed down two Indian aircrafts; one in Pakistan side and another in Indian side.

Arrested Indian pilot ejected from crashing aircraft after saving his life from angered mob of civilian gathered on the spot. The retaliation from Pakistan was a surprise for Modi and Indian army. They are still taken aback and have failed to come out of aftershock of the attack yet. Modi’s
fool’s paradise turned into doom his future.

Indian army also could not digest the adverse effects sustained in front of the world at large. World opinion turned against Modi’s policy of bringing the region and the world endanger of atomic war. While Mr. Khan appeared in the canvas of world as peace loving statesman, particularly, his act of releasing Indian arrested pilot without terms and conditions, proved him a sober statesman and friend of humanity.

Pakistan army also proved to be a professional army in the true sense as even being a fully capable army to response Indian threads, it, again and again, offered India to prevail peace in the region. Modi’s warmongering attitude again made Kashmir issue flashpoint before the international community, which has been forgotten by superpowers.

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Young Soldier from Gilgit-Baltistan Embraces Martyrdom at Siachen




Lieutenant Azhar Abbas from Astore district of Gilgit-Baltistan has embraced martyrdom in Siachin

A Pakistan Army soldier recognized as Lieutenant Azhar Abbas from Astore district of Gilgit-Baltistan has embraced martyrdom in Siachin at around 2:00 PM on Thursday.

Lieutenant Azhar Abbas was son of former SSP Yousuf Ali.

He was inducted into Pakistan Army through The Pakistan Military Academy’s PMA 135 Long Course (135 L/C) and was deployed at the World Highest Battlefield of Siachen.

Friends, family and social media users have been showing their grief after the news of his martyrdom was posted on Facebook.

According to some sources, Lt. Azhar Abbas passed away due to high altitude sickness. His body could not yet be sent to Astore due to bad weather.

There has been no word from ISPR so far about the martyrdom of
 Lieutenant Azhar Abbas .

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